Early Sweet is an early harvest grape. They are large and green to creamy in color with a very sweet flavor that has a touch of muscat.


Sugraones have a light, crunchy texture and sweet flavor complemented by a bright green color. These berries are an early-ripening, white seedless variety.

Arra 16 is a proprietary variety with a light green color and a rounded shape. This early season grape has good shelf life.

Princess This mid-season grape has a light green color with large, cylindrical berries The flavor is similar to Muscat grapes.

Thompson  Believed to have originated from southern Iran, these light green, seedless, and oblong berries pack a sweet, juicy flavor. 

ARRA Sweeties This mid- season grape offers a very sweet, crunchy and well balanced eating experience and large berries.


Autumn King is a late season green grape with very large berries. They have a mild sweet flavor.


Flame Seedless These red berries are a cross among Thompson, Cardinal, and several other varieties. Deep red in color, Flame berries are medium-sized, round, crunchy, and sweet.

Arra Red is a bright to deep red color with rounded berries. It has a crisp skin and a sweet, refreshing flavor.

Scarlet Royal These large grapes range from bright red to dark cherry in color and are crisp with an excellent sweet flavor.

Sweet Scarlet A seedless variety that has a crisp flesh that is light and pleasant. The variety has a unique red color which is brighter than other mid-season grapes.

Crimson This medium-size red grape variety has firm, crisp berries with sweet, rich flavor.

Unknown is a mid-season black variety with deep color and a complex sweet flavor.

 Autumn Royal is a relatively new black grape variety. It is a sweet-tasting and often described as crisp or even crunchy.


ARRA Passion Fire is an early seedless red with exceptional eating quality.  It has very large, crisp berries and excellent cherry color.  This variety is very fertile, has a medium sized bunch and ripens at the same time as the Flame.